Our Story

By Tommy Carpenter, Founder of TEU Services, Inc.

In February 2009 I was introduced to my first LED light fixture. It promised a 7 watts LED would replace a 70 watts halogen. I wasn’t looking for lights or lighting. It was the furthest thing from my mind at the time, the building bubble was popping and I was scrambling like many other people who were attached to the building trades back then. The problem: I couldn’t get 7 vs. 70 out of my head. I knew it could impact business in a positive way. By September 2009 we had formed TEU Services, Inc. and four of us literally threw ourselves into the Business of Lights.

Terri began working out the marketing, graphics and website details. She even began producing our training and sales videos for us. Walter set up a small lab for testing LED products and learned how to write IES files for us to use in lighting design. At the time he wrote many IES files and provided lighting design services for various LED factories that did not have the capabilities. Kenneth pursued the engineering role for the Team along with establishing overseas relationships with numerous factories. In the early days the purchasing company had to write all of the specifications for each order as the overseas factories only produced, but did not design LED products. I focused on sales and developed an Agency model for sales agents similar to the real estate sales model.

As a result of out start in 2009 we emerged as illumination experts with an in-house design and specifications department, overseas factory direct relationships, direct importing skills, a B2B direct marketing focus and a lot of ability to deliver excellent lighting. Our first major customer, a retired regional president from AT&T, needed 70+ data centers upgraded from Chicago to San Diego to Houston and an Ashely Furniture franchise owner in Texas needed 8-furniture stores upgraded.

Our long-term factory direct relationships have resulted in extremely competitive pricing while providing our customers a product with a failure rate way above industry averages. The failure rate in a some of our LED products categories is less than 1/4 of 1-percent, in other words, virtually zero failure.

In 2015 we combined our illumination expertise into a maintenance service program and named it REDAAP for Reduce Energy Demands Across America Program. REDAAP covers 100% of the cost for upgrading your commercial property to energy efficiency including the full maintenance labor and materials for up to 7-years. Our performance is guaranteed as we get paid a monthly service fee over the term. Our customers can now say yes with no question about quality of product or delivery of services.



Tommy Carpenter